Hanoi Day 3

Day 3 – Check-in > Breakfast at Cat Cat View Hotel > Lunch at Chapa Restaurant > walking tour to Cat Cat Village > dinner at Cat Cat View Hotel

The train ride was bumpy and I could hardly sleep. We got off the train at around 5am and got picked up to the hotel. There are a lot of taxi driver waiting at the train station & tried to pick up tourists to Sapa. Lucky we had the transfer included in the tour and save all the hassles to bargain with the taxi drivers. It took about 1 hr drive from Lao Cai to Sapa.

We could check in as soon as we arrived the hotel at around 6am. We went to have breakfast as soon as we dropped our bags in the room. The hotel is more like a bed and breakfast place and the room is quite cozy & clean.

2014-02-18 09.07.40

It was quite foggy when we first arrived.

2014-02-18 08.39.13

Breakfast is included in our tour and you can choose from omelette to beef pho along with 1 hot chocolate & 1 tea or coffee. The breakfast is quite nice.

Cat Cat View Hotel

Address: 046 Fan Si Pan Road, Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam


We were too tired and took a nap before the walking tour to Cat Cat Village.

DSC_0157 DSC_0158

You will be surrounded by the minorities everywhere in Sapa. They will always ask you what your name is & where do you from & eventually want you to buy some handcraft from them.

We went to a Vietnamese restaurant (Chapa Restaurant) near the market for lunch. It was surprisingly good.

2014-02-18 12.58.15 2014-02-18 12.59.30 2014-02-18 13.01.41

2014-02-18 12.47.51

Chapa Restaurant

Address: 040 Cau May Street, Sapa, Lao Cai


Our tour guide took us to walk from our hotel to Cat Cat Village for sightseeing. Unfortunately, the weather was too foggy.


2014-02-18 13.51.43 2014-~68

DSC_0177 IMG_5395


2014-02-18 14.18.06 2014-02-18 14.26.08 2014-02-18 14.26.14


2014-02-18 14.36.42

We tried the sticky rice at Cat Cat Village. It tastes alright.

2014-02-18 14.56.11 2014-02-18 14.59.50 2014-02-18 15.34.48


We went back to the hotel after the Cat Cat Village walking tour and had dinner in hotel.


2014-02-18 19.58.24

2014-02-18 20.01.39


We ordered the Vietnamese hotpot. It’s not as good as the Hong Kong style hotpot.

2014-02-18 21.14.02


It was quite cold in the room and the fire place didn’t make a big difference. Luckily, the electronic blanket in room kept us warm during the night.


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