Day 9 in Cinque Terre – Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola

Day 9 – Breakfast in Riomaggiore > Monterosso > quick lunch at Vernazza > Manarola > Dinner in Manarola

I love the kitchen of our apartment in Riomaggiore. Not because I can cook but I enjoy having food made by Mr Map. 2014-10-23 09.37.36 resize  2014-10-23 09.45.44 resize

Nothing is better than having hot food in cold weather, and whilst eating at restaurants during holidays is nice, nothing beats a home cooked meal, especially when the food is bought from a classic Italian grocery store. Mr Map is really the perfect boyfriend. Not only can he read maps but he can also cook 🙂

Cinque Terre Map
Map from

We decided to take the train to the 5th village Monterosso and hike to Vernazza for lunch. Since we would be travelling around Cinque Terre a lot, we bought the 2-day cinque terre card with unlimited use of the train and walking trails at the train station.

Details information of the Cinque Terre card: 2014-10-23 10.54.38 resize 2014-10-23 10.55.53 resize Monterosso is the most accessible village by car and with the largest beach in Cinque Terre. It is also the village with the most wine shops, hotels and restaurants, thus it is more touristy compared with the other villages. We only had a  quick walk around the shops, and did not stay there for long as we needed to hike to Vernazza.DSC_0896 resize IMG_6174 resize IMG_6176 resize

Getting ready for our 3.5km walk from Monterosso to Vernazza! There will be charges for the trail if you do not have the Cinque Terre card and the start of the trail is relatively easy to find. 2014-10-23 12.53.51 resize Monterosso DSC04079 resize IMG_6180 resize

Further away from Monterosso 2014-10-23 13.52.10 resize

Love locks on the way to Vernazza IMG_6188 resize

Almost there! We could finally see Vernazza from the hiking trail. The hike is very well marked, near impossible to get lost, and is relatively easy, though there are some gradual inclines along the way. It took us a just under 2 hours (though we took a lot of photos along the way), and despite there being a cool breeze, we did sweat quite a bit, mainly because there isn’t much shade along the way. I found the views amazing, but Mr Map thinks that he has seen better, though both of us agreed that the views of the Vernazza are simply unforgettable.  IMG_6196 resize

Vernazza is probably the most picturesque of the 5 villages. The small harbour and the way how the colorful houses spread out makes it unique from the other villages. It looks completely different if you are taking the trail from Corniglia.

DSC04106 resize

We finally arrived at Vernazza DSC_1004 resize

We saw this little boy fishing, though looking at the fish, I think he needed to put in a lot of hours of fishing before getting dinner. I think a big net would’ve been more handy. IMG_6205 resize

The water was very clear and there were a lot of small fish.

We went to a pizzeria in Vernazza for a quick lunch before taking the train to Manarola. Mr Map wanted to hike all the way to get there but he knew I was not as fit as him and decided to take the train. 2014-10-23 16.50.03 resize

The street performer at Manarola station DSC04110

Manarola is located on the cliff and it looks more rustic than the others. It is famous for their sweet Sciacchetra wine. We didn’t try it though. We were just hanging there until sunset trying to take the perfect photo of Manarola. At some point, Mr Map and I didn’t speak for a while as we were busy taking photos with our different cameras.

IMG_6210 resize
Manarola – photo credit to Mr Map & his Nikon D610
IMG_6210 resize
Manarola – Photo taken by my Canon powershot pocket camera

IMG_6214 resize

Manarola looks different as the color changes with the sunset and is definitely worthwhile to come here to view the sunset and a little after as well. A lot of people leave right after the sun sets, but I think the photos are even more impressive in the dark.

DSC_1061 resize
Photo credit to Mr Map & his Nikon D610
DSC04126 resize
Photo credit to Mr Map & his Sony RX100
IMG_6224 resize
My canon powershot
DSC_1090 resize
Photo credit to Mr Map & his Nikon D610
DSC_1115 resize
Photo credit to Mr Map & his Nikon D610

We stayed in Manarola for dinner after dark and had dinner at ristorante il porticciolo. We found Trattoria il porticciolo with a high rating on yelp but it was closed and this is the upgraded version of il porticciolo. It was quite popular and there were people waiting for tables.

2014-10-23 19.29.22 resize

2014-10-23 19.41.26 resize

Squid ink pasta

2014-10-23 19.40.48 resize

We ordered some grilled vegetables and a dish of assorted seafood. As a seafood lover and I’ve been eating seafood all my life, I think it is fair to say that dish is just average. I guess there were some better dishes and we just ordered the least impressive dish.

Ristorante il Porticciolo

Address: Via Renato Birolli 91, Manarola

The restaurant is near the Manarola train station and we couldn’t wait to get back to our apartment after dinner to review all the photos we had taken.


3 thoughts on “Day 9 in Cinque Terre – Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola

  1. I am going to 5terre in next early october, like your time lapse during the sunset, may I know what time is it when you take the picture?

    1. I think it’s better to check the sunset time when it is closer to your arrival date. I think we went there an hour before sunset? We actually walk around all day trying to find a good spot for photo taking. Have a great trip in 5terre, it’s really beautiful!

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