Day 14 in Venice – Murano, Burano

Day 14 – breakfast > glass factory tour in Murano > Burano

The buffet breakfast at Hotel Antiche Figure was quite good. It was nothing like the varieties of 5 star hotels but it had everything you want for basic yet filling breakfast.

We were ready for our free tour to visit the glass factory in Murano after breakfast. You will need to inform the concierge that you are interested to join the tour in advance to secure the seats for you. 2014-10-28 08.46.16 resize IMG_6395 resize

We were picked up by a water taxi to Murano and there was another family staying at our hotel also joining the free tour.

DSC_1488 resize
Photo credit to Mr Map & his Nikon D610

DSC_1490 resize DSC_1491 resize

We took full advantage of the water taxi ride and took many nice photos cruising in the canal. A free ride which would compensate us for refusing to pay 80 euros for a gondola (gondola gondola gondola!). DSC_1509 resize IMG_6398 resize

The glass factory DSC_1499 resize DSC04320 resizeDSC_1507 resize

Watching the artisans (or glaziers) at work is quite amazing and definitely worth while to stand and watch for a little while. After visiting the glass factory, we were taken to the showroom and it is not allowed to take photos there. They have everything there from sculptures to chandeliers to wine glasses. There was a drinking glasses set that I liked. It was hand painted with some gold/silver floral patterns and not the kind of tacky and over the top design. To give you an idea, it looks like the pattern on Perrier Jouet belle epoque champaigne bottle. It was a set of 6 small glasses with 1 small jug. I almost bought it until I realized the price is €600!!! We ended up leaving the factory empty handed.

There was a water taxi that would took us back to hotel from the factory but since we were there we took the opportunity to explore the rest of Murano. 2015-06-20 12.47.44 resize

We walked towards the Burano water bus pier after we left the glass factory. Murano is a place that looks similar to Venice, though a lot less crowded with a lot of glass product souvenirs shops. If you are planning to buy souvenirs in Murano, make sure you compare prices from difference stores before actually buying it as the price varies. Look for the trademark below for the original Murano glass product.

Murano trademark

DSC_1512 resize IMG_6405 resize IMG_6408 resize

We passed another artisan glass factory which is on the way to and quite close to the ferry terminal to Burano, which was definitely worthwhile to take some quick snaps. We didn’t stay in Murano for long as there wasn’t much else to see besides the glass factory and we took the water bus to Burano. It is a very small island and you don’t really need a map to get around.

Details of the waterbus service: IMG_6409 resize

About Burano

We finally arrived at this surreal and photogenic island with its vibrant house colors! Legend has it that people began painting their houses in luminous colours so that the fishermen could see them even in in thick fog and avoid crashing into the shore after a voyage at sea. The color of the houses follow a special pattern. If the residents wish to paint their own house, an official request needs to be sent to the government and it will approve or disapprove the suggested color. Besides its colorful buildings, Burano is famous for the lemon-scented, S-shaped buranelli biscuits and handmade lace. DSC_1556 resize DSC_1562 DSC_1568 resize DSC04371 resize IMG_6423 resize DSC04374 resize

We ended up having lunch at Bar Sports Pizzeria as the other restaurants that we wanted to go to was full. 2014-10-28 14.15.36 resize 2014-10-28 14.32.15 resize 2014-10-28 14.32.34 resize

The meal was ok. Not something exceptional but it was average though no complaints. If I have the chance to visit Burano again, I would love to try Da Romano. Famous designer Philippe Stark who owns some properties in Burano mentioned in an interview that it is his favourite restaurant and recommended the dish frutti di mare.

If you are planning to visit Burano, you can check out the following website for restaurants recommendations. IMG_6422 resize DSC04389 resize DSC04390 resize

There is no doubt that Burano is my favourite part of our time in Venice. I think this town has a colorful character and it makes me energetic and happy. I can even feel the positive energy just by looking at the photos now. My photos don’t really do the town justice, as Mr Map’s Nikon DSLR ran out of battery after a little while, though luckily we both have two cameras each. If you are ever going to visit Venice, I would highly recommend you to visit this beautiful small town, and make the most out of a half-day visit. If I ever come back I would spend less time in Venice so as to make a side trip to Burano. If you are in Venice for two days, I would definitely spend half a day here. We took the ferry back to Venice after a pleasant afternoon. DSC04402 resize DSC04410 resize IMG_6438 resize

Story about Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri) connected the interrogation rooms in the Doges Palace with the prison cells. Legend has it that It got its name from when prisoners passing across it sighed for their lost freedom and their final view of Venice through the tiny windows. There is another legend about the bridge which is more romantic. Legend has it that if couples kiss on a gondola at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs as the bell of St Mark’s Campanile tolls, the couple will be granted eternal love.

My major regret was that I didn’t take the gondola with Mr Map! That €80 might be worth it for the sunset ride! IMG_6439 resize

We found a restaurant called La Zucca through Yelp with a high rating and went there for dinner. It is about 10mins walk from our hotel. Like every night during our time in Italy, we didn’t make a reservation and just walked in. We were lucky enough to get the available table, although it was outdoor seating (I had my coat and scarf on for the whole dinner).

DSC04422 resize

2014-10-28 19.54.44 resize  2014-10-28 20.02.33

We ordered the signature drink of Venice called Spritz. There were 2 types of Spritz served in this restaurant. One is more bitter while the other one is sweeter. 2014-10-28 20.07.56 resize

We ordered their famous pumpkin flan and it was very tasty.2014-10-28 20.20.12 resize

2014-10-28 20.21.19 resize

I couldn’t remember what exactly we ordered (it’s been more than 6 months after my trip in Italy) and my Italiano is also quite hazy. The dishes were recommended by the waiter and they were all very good, definitely one of the highlights of our stay in Venice.

2014-10-28 20.55.03 resize

We had panna cotta for dessert.

It was a very good dining experience. Everything tasted excellent and it was not very expensive. Definitely highly recommended.

La Zucca

Opening Hours: Mon to Sat – lunch 12:30-14:30; dinner 19:00-22:30

Address: Sestiere Santa Croce 1762Venice

Thoughts about Venice

To a lot of people, Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world, even George Clooney had his wedding in this city (Sep, 2014 a month before our visit). Personally I think Venice is too crowded, full of tourists, and everything is overpriced (including the transportation). Despite this, the narrow streets, architecture and canals make the town itself quite a spectacle, and it is both enjoyable and frustrating to get lost through its windy streets. I would still recommend first timers to go to Venice as many experts have said that Venice will vanish by this century’s end due to global warming. Also, try your very best to be a responsible tourist and hopefully our future generations will still have the chance to see it and marvel at its beauty. Burano is definitely my favourite part of Venice and try not to miss it while you are in Venice.

After staying in Venice for 2 nights, we were heading to Milan the next day, the last city on our Italian holiday.

What do you think of Venice? What is your story about Venice?


8 thoughts on “Day 14 in Venice – Murano, Burano

  1. Did you get caught by the free offer of a boat ride to Burano? We did but escaped with a baby shawl and set of glasses – cheap get away.

    1. Lucky you! We didn’t see anyone offer a free boat ride to Burano when we were there. We just took the vaporetto to Burano that cost us about 20Euro (from Murano to Burano & Burano back in San Marco).

  2. Hello, great post! Do you remember the estimate time for the Murano tour? I am considering doing the same later this year (with Hotel Antiche Figure) and am curious as to time for planning purposes! Thank you – now off to read the rest of your Italy posts!

    1. Hi, thanks for reading my site. If you have already made a booking with Hotel Antiche Figure, you can ask their concierge team about the schedule and the approximate travel time as they might change their schedule. It was early in the morning around 9am when we had the free tour. Do stay around in Murano and explore this island and get the ferry to Burano. Have fun in Italy!

  3. Hi, I’m visiting Italy next month and Venice is one of the places that I’ll be going. Can you kindly let me know if the waters in Venice is calm or is it sea sickness inducing? I am very prone to motion sickness and would be using the vaporetto to get around and I’m really afraid I’ll be too sick to enjoy the scenery. Thanks for advising !

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