Hotel review in Italy – Hotel Berna, Milan

Hotel Berna, Milan

This time we stayed at another hotel in Milan within walking distance of Milan Centrale station. We love everything about UNA Maison Milano but it would be quite expensive to stay for 3 nights. This time we were staying at Hotel Berna and it was about €140 per night including breakfast, free mini bar & wifi (about €100 cheaper than UNA). The room is very comfortable and great value for the price. I even think the service is better than UNA as it is more personalized.

The area

The hotel is located about 5-10mins walk from Milan Centrale station. I think the area is a business district and there is not much to do at all. The neighbourhood is not as nice as the area in Duomo. I was a bit scared to walk from the subway to the hotel by myself as it was very quiet.

Prior to arrival

Before our arrival, I received a welcome text message and an email with a quick check-in form from the hotel. This helps to speed up the check-in process. The email also put the name and the photo of the reservation staff who was responsible for my booking and you can simply reply to the email for any special requests.

Upon check-in

I specifically request a renovated room before our arrival. I also got a welcome letter from the hotel (shown below, computer generated welcome letter, not the kind of hand written one). I found this welcome letter quite useful as it listed out the room benefits (i.e. free wifi, breakfast location, free minibar). In addition, the letter shows some useful information of Milan and the weather information. The last time I received similar information was the time I stayed at a luxury resort in Bali (Bvlgari Bali) and I was impressed by Hotel Berna.

2015-06-27 09.12.19 resize

2015-06-27 09.13.11 resize

The room

I assume our room was renovated recently with the modern decor as it is very different from the lobby area. I did my research on tripadvisor before booking the hotel. Our room was very comfortable and inside there is a lot of space to move around even after we unloading our 2 big suitcases.

2014-10-31 18.19.03 resize 2014-10-31 18.19.32 resize 2014-10-31 18.19.37 resize

I would highly recommend this hotel after our stay. It was great value for money. I don’t think you can find another hotel in such convenient location offering the same level of comfort at this price.

Hotel Berna

Address: Via Napo Torriani 18, 20124 Milan, Italy

Features: convenient location, modern decor room, great value for money, close to Milan Centrale station

Ranking: #8 of 430 hotels in Milan from tripadvisor



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