Back from Shanghai

I didn’t do much this time in Shanghai as it was a very busy business trip. Mr Map came and spent the weekend with me but there was a typhoon. It was impossible to do any sight-seeing due to the heavy rain and the strong wind. We just went to different restaurants and have massage.

Internet censorship in China

The internet censorship in mainland China is quite annoying. Facebook, google, youtube, dropbox, twitter are all banned in China. I have a habit of listening to the delta wave sleep music on youtube when I sleep by myself in a hotel room. I didn’t sleep very well until Mr Map joined me. People in mainland China use WeChat instead of whatsapp, instead of yelp, instead of google. It is not user-friendly for non-Chinese user. (Lucky that I can read & read Chinese)

It would be more enjoyable if the weather is nicer.2015-07-06 15.10.43 resize


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