Hotel review in Japan – Hakata Tokyu Rei Hotel, Fukuoka (博多,福岡)

Hakata Tokyu Rei Hotel, Fukuoka (博多東急REIホテル)

It is definitely a hidden gem in Fukuoka. This hotel is perfect and I was very happy with the degree of comfort of the room for the price I paid. I was staying in the hotel in May 2015 and it was almost the end of the Japanese golden week (national holiday in Japan). I would highly recommend to avoid this period as the hotel price would be a lot more expensive, most hotels would be fully booked and the attractions would be full of tourists.

Room rate

Since we were very spontaneous with this trip, we only booked our ticket & hotel a week prior to arrival. I was staying there for 2 nights. My 1st night staying at Hakata Tokyu Rei Hotel falls on the last few days of the Japanese golden week and it was about US$140 per night (most hotels near Hakata was fully booked at that time) & my 2nd night was US$84 per night. It is better to avoid the Japanese national holidays or just reserve your hotel well in advance.

The location

It is located about 5-10mins walk from the Hakata train station and JR Hakata city. There are souvenirs shops, Tokyu Hands (Japanese department store) and a bus station nearby. The location is perfect. IMG_6689 resize Map of Tokyu Rei

The room

I was allocated to the ladie’s only floor. It is a room for single occupancy. Although the room is quite small (18 sq. meter), it is more than enough for 1 person. The room decor is quite modern and cozy. IMG_6684 resize IMG_6686 resize

Like most of the hotels in Japan, the bathroom comes with the Japanese toliet seat with a spray that also washes your bottom, bidet washing, seat warming, and deodorization. I dare not try pressing any of those buttons except for the flush button. IMG_6685 resize IMG_6687 resize IMG_6688 resize

The basic amenities are provided in the hotel.

Additional benefits

There is complimentary coffee & tea area for in-house guests during the afternoon which is great for guests who can have a drink whilst waiting for check-in. IMG_6692 resize IMG_6693 resize

Hakata Tokyu Rei Hotel

Address: 1-2-23, Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0011

Features: convenient location, free wifi, ladies only floor, complimentary coffee & tea area, modern decor room, great value for money, close to Hakata bus station & the JR Hakata station

Ranking: #12 of 180 hotels in Fukuoka from tripadvisor


I had a wonderful stay at the hotel and would highly recommend to anyone who is going to visit Hakata and needs a hotel in convenient location.

Where did you stay in Fukuoka, Japan? If you enjoy reading my blog, feel free to follow me on twitter @MinionTravel to get the latest update.


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