Day 1 in Hakata, Japan

Day 1 – dinner at Hanamidori 博多華味鳥 (Chicken meal)

It was a spontaneous trip to visit Fukuoka 福岡 (a province within Kyushu 九州). My friends and I went there mainly because of a cheap ticket deal, through fanfare with Cathay Pacific, and it just so happened that we were free during the promotional period. All of us love visiting Japan and have been there a couple of times already. However, none of us have been to Fukuoka 福岡 before and we thought it would be fun to visit a Japanese city which none of us had visited. It was less than a week from our booking date to the departure date and we didn’t have much time to plan our trip. It was a pity that Mr Map couldn’t join us due to the short notice.

Japan map 1

We just wanted to relax, have good Japanese food and the famous hot springs during our trip. One of our friends can speak fluent Japanese and it saved us a lot of trouble getting around.

Finally we arrived in Fukuoka after around 3 hours flight. Fukuoka airport is quite close to the city center and it just took around 15mins on the subway to get to Hakata 博多. Hakata is the hub to get around Kyushu as it has a JR train station and bus station. There are a lot of shops and restaurants in Hakata.

2015-05-04 16.07.42 resize

2015-05-04 16.08.49 resize

As soon as we got off the plane, we grabbed some snacks from the nearby convenient store before check in to Tokyu Rei hotel.

2015-05-04 17.49.33 resize IMG_6690 resize

I love the Japanese rice balls and I ate them everyday in Japan. The Meiji plain yogurt was highly recommended by some of my friends but I thought it wasn’t very special.

Restaurant in Hakata 博多

After we freshen up in the hotel, we immediately went to Hanamidori (博多華味鳥) for dinner. It is a renowned restaurant in Hakata that serves an all chicken menu. We ordered the Hana set for 4350 yen (around USD35) per person as it was recommended.

IMG_6709 resize

IMG_6694 resize

2015-05-04 18.43.44 resize

The appetizers. I don’t really know what I ate, I just ate what the waiters put in front of me without any questions. I only know the orange stuff is the seasoned cod roe.

2015-05-04 18.51.25 resize

This is the chicken sashimi (raw chicken meat)! I have never tried any raw chicken meat in my life and I hesitated for a moment before I decided to put it in my mouth. It tastes better than I thought.

IMG_6698 resize

Vegetable tempura (deep fried vegetable)

IMG_6700 resize

Here comes the chicken broth hot pot! It is a big pot of chicken soup with chicken meat in there. The waitress poured us a cup of chicken soup before adding other ingredients to the hotpot. The chicken soup was really good.

2015-05-04 19.16.32 resize

The waitress added some raw chicken meat balls and chicken liver in the soup and cooked it. The meat balls were very tasty though I didn’t touch the chicken liver.

IMG_6702 resize

The Japanese vegetables were very fresh.

IMG_6703 resize 2015-05-04 20.07.15 resize

IMG_6705 resize IMG_6706 resize

The making of congee with the chicken soup.

IMG_6707 resize

This is the best part of the meal as the soup absorbs all the essence of the chicken and the vegetable. You would be quite full if you finish everything from the set dinner, I finished most of the meal, and my stomach was already packed to the brim.

IMG_6708 resize

Our meal ends with a cute Fukuoka dessert, more like a biscuit.

Hanamidori 博多華味鳥

Opening hours: Lunch – 11:30 to 15:00; Dinner -17:00 to 24:00

Address: 1F Eki higashi Suncity Bldg 1-13-31 Hakataeki-higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

Address in Japanese: 福岡市博多区博多駅東1-13-31 駅東サンシティビル1F (博多駅筑紫口店)

Website: (Official Japanese site with photos)

Shopping in Hakata

We went to our favourite shop don quijote (Donki) 驚安の殿堂 in Japan after the big meal. Donki is well known for their competitive prices and you can find everything you need there, even some slightly ‘out-there’ Japanese products. (home products, food, gadgets, clothes…)

2015-05-04 22.15.06 resize

2015-05-04 22.20.50 resize 2015-05-07 22.35.57 resize

A whitening tool for teeth apparently (left) & the phone holder (right)

2015-05-07 22.08.41 resize 2015-05-08 08.23.22 resize

I love this green tea plum wine and it is only 934yen!

2015-05-04 22.47.54 resize

You can find your halloween costume here – though some are adult rated.

Don quijote (Donki) 驚安の殿堂

Opening hours: 24 hours

Address: 3-7-24 nakasu Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Fukuoka,JAPAN, 810-0801

Address in Japanese: 〒810-0801 福岡県福岡市博多区中洲3-7-24


We went back to hotel after shopping to get some rest and got ready for our day trip to Kumamoto 熊本

What is your favourite restaurant in Kyushu, Japan? If you enjoy reading my blog, feel free to follow me on twitter @MinionTravel to get the latest update.


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