Hotel review in Japan – Dormy Inn Premium Hakata Canal City, Fukuoka (博多,福岡)

Dormy Inn Premium Hakata Canal City, Fukuoka (ドーミーインPREMIUM博多・キャナルシティ)

We booked this hotel simply because my friends love Japanese onsen. Dormy Inn is a Japanese hotel group famous for having a hot spring in all their hotels. This hotel is a bit further from the Hakata JR station than Tokyu Rei Hotel but it is located right next to the Hakata Canal City (a big shopping mall).

Room rate

The room rate was very reasonable. It was a little less than US$100 per night for a room when I stayed there in May 2015. It was the period after the Japanese Golden week and the room rate and demand had dropped to a reasonable level.

The location

It is located about 10mins walk from the Hakata train station and JR Hakata city. The hotel is next to Canal City, a big shopping mall with many international fashion brands.

The room

The room has a dark color tone and personally I like the decor of Tokyu Rei Hotel more. However, the room in Dormy Inn Premium Hakata Canal City is more spacious than Tokyu Rei Hotel

IMG_6814 resize IMG_6815 resize

IMG_6817 resize IMG_6818 resize 2015-05-07 14.35.20 resize

The room is fully equipped with the usual amenities.

Hotel Facilities

The highlight of the hotel is the complimentary use of the in-house hot spring on 2/F. It is open from 15:00 till the next morning at 10:00. The password for entering the hot spring was given upon check-in.

2015-05-07 15.01.05 resize

2015-05-07 15.00.51 resize

There is an outdoor hot spring and a indoor hot spring in the hotel. I went there late at night and there was no one there.

2015-05-08 01.32.15 resize

2015-05-08 01.32.31 resize

2015-05-08 01.32.48 resize

2015-05-07 14.59.56 resize

There is an emergency seat inside the elevator in case you get stuck inside. We found this idea quite interesting and shows that Japanese service is very considerate, either that or the elevator breaks down quite often.

Additional benefits

There is also a complimentary ramen for in-house guests from 21:30-23:00. I didn’t get the chance to try it as we didn’t make it back before 23:00. It is quite an interesting gimmick for hotel guests.

2015-05-08 01.34.33 resize

I think it is quite an interesting experience to stay in Dormy Inn hotel but the location of Dormy Inn Premium Hakata Canal City is not the most convenient choice unless you need to do some serious shopping in Canal City.

Dormy Inn Premium Hakata Canal City Mae

Address: 9-1 Gion-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture

Address in Japanese: 福岡県福岡市博多区祇園町9-1

Features: next to Canal City shopping mall, free wifi, complimentary use of in-house hot spring, complimentary ramen, relatively spacious room, good value for money

Ranking: #10 of 180 hotels in Fukuoka from

Website: (Official Japanese website)

English booking website:

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