Hotel review in Lake George, US – Holiday Inn Lake George Turf

Holiday Inn Lake George Turf

Since Mr Map & I travelled to New York before, we wanted to take a road trip away from the city and explore somewhere new. I was recommended by my friend who lives in New York to spend few days in Lake George and enjoy the countryside during the fall to admire the changing colors of the leaves. We were there on the 1st week of October and the leaves just start changing color. It would have been a lot nicer if we visit 2-3 weeks later.

Room rate

It costs me about US$140 per night (including tax) for their standard room including breakfast for 2. We came during the shoulder season to low season rate as we visited in early October. The peak season would be around summer time and I just checked the rate for August and it goes up to approx. US$400+ per night! When we visited in October, I think it is good value for money. Also, the breakfast portion is big (according to Asian standard), you can possibly save some money by having a big breakfast, and then having a light lunch!

IMG_8147 resize

You get to choose 1 breakfast choice from the menu along with free coffee or tea.

The location

It is located near the lake but it is not close to the lake front. The hotel is conveniently located and it is easy to get around to the other sight seeing locations.

IMG_8150 resize

I love the lobby area with this cozy fireplace.

The Room

The room is quite spacious (I can’t find the exact room size from their official website or on the major online booking site). I have to admit the decor is a bit old school, but it’s still quite nice. It has that common American chain hotel decor. I guess I am too spoilt by the contemporary decor hotels in Asia. I do appreciate the effort they make in folding the towel into an elephant (?).

IMG_7993 resize

IMG_7997 resize

IMG_7996 resize IMG_7995 resize

The bathroom is quite small but it has all the basic amenities.


There is a fitness centre, indoor & outdoor swimming pool and a sauna.

IMG_8142 resize

IMG_8146 resize

IMG_8144 resize

IMG_8145 resize

This gaming area will keep the kids busy!

Other amenities include outdoor basketball, a putting green, lawn chess and shuffle board but we didn’t have the time to try all those facilities.

Best of all, parking is free for hotel guest!

Overall I think this hotel is good value for money (during the time we visited). The location might not be the best as there are some nicer hotels closer to the lake. My US friend highly recommended us to stay in a cabin for the experience. Maybe we should try staying in a cabin next time!

Holiday Inn Lake George Turf

Address: 2223 US Route 9 (Canada Street), Lake George, NY

Features: Good location, free parking, family friendly

Ranking: #2 of 90 hotels in Lake George from



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