Day 9 in Centro Havana, Cuba

Day 9 – Plaza de la Revolucion (Revolution Square) > Jose Marti Memorial > Lunch at Lamparilla 361 Tapas & Cervezas > Airport

It was the last day of our trip in Cuba and we had a full day to explore the city as our flight was due to depart in the evening. We walked from our airbnb towards Parque Central to catch the T1 hop on hop off bus. For some reason, Mr Map and I never really catch these tourist buses on our other trips, and pride ourselves on taking public transport to see various sites, but given the summer heat and our lack of Spanish, we decided to board the bus.

We saw this massive mural of Che Guevara & Fidel Castro on many postcards and we couldn’t leave Havana without visiting the Plaza de la Revolucion. It was probably the most popular stop on the T1 bus route as the other stops are not as interesting, and with it being such a popular stop, there’s always a couple of classic cars that pass by for the perfect photo.

The words Hasta la Victoria Siempre under Che Guevara’s mural means Always Toward Victory.

The words Vas Bien Fidel means You’re going well Fidel.

In case you are not aware, Cuba is prohibited to use drones. See details here.

The Jose Marti Memorial is located on the north side of the Plaza de la Revolucion. It consist of the star-shaped tower and a marble statue of Jose Marti in a Thinker pose. A personal travel tip from me, make sure you bring a big straw hat or even an umbrella when you get to this area. There is no shade around the square and the Cuban sun will make you melt. Mr Map wanted to try to see if he could fry an egg on the pavement, but I was scared that he would get arrested. At first I was a bit embarrassed to walk around under my umbrella but after a while, my need for comfort and shade outweighed any shame regarding judgments from other passerby regarding my ugly umbrella, and I whipped it out for all to see – I did not regret it. Mr Map was happy to melt in the summer sun, but you know it’s hot, when he pays an extra few cents for the ice cold soft drink.

We took a circular trip on the hop on hop off bus and got off briefly to see some souvenir markets which we passed, though got back on the next bus after walking around for about 15mins.

Once we got back to Old Havana, we went to another lonely planet top choice restaurant Lamparilla 361 Tapas & Cervezas for lunch.


I really liked the restaurant decor as it is a mix of contemporary design with a few retro items (like the vintage fridge).

The restaurant offered us some complimentary cold soup after we placed our order which was a nice touch on a hot Cuban day. We ordered the seafood pasta and beef burrito and they were both very tasty. This restaurant is good if you want to take a break from the traditional Cuban food as the food they served is more international.

Lamparilla 361 Tapas & Cervezas

Tripadvisor ranking: #27 of 884 restaurants in Havana

Address: Lamparilla 361 btwn Aguacate & Villegas


We spent the rest of our day walking around Old Havana again, looking for great photo spots.

Watching World Cup 2018 outside a restaurant with the locals!


We walked passed the Havana Club museum but after seeing the admission fee (it was about CUC7 per person) we made a quick getaway. As we are not a huge fan of rum (a few years ago, I did like rum and pineapple juice), we weren’t very keen to visit. Mr Map was also taken on a bit of a quick tour showing us fake Cohiba cigars, but they still weren’t as cheap as the ones we had bought from the tobacco farm in Vinales the previous day. He was very happy that he had bought those instead, though the fake ones are packaged very nicely.

El Museo del Ron Havana Club

Address: Avenida del Puerto 262, esq. Sol, Habana Vieja Ciudad de La Habana

Opening hours: daily from 09:30 to 17:30; Havana Club Bar open daily from 09:30 to 00:00

We were picked up by a classic taxi to the airport. Not long after we got into the taxi, it started raining and the road was flooded. I guess their water draining system is not very good, as there were many spots on the road where it was flooded. Luckily, it didn’t affect much of our journey to the airport.

We were very lucky that we only experienced a power shortage one night (around 3am when we were totally asleep and the air-con had already cool down the room) and I had to take the full length mirror to the natural sunlight for make up and a short power shortage when we arrived at the airport on our way back to Spain. It was no major inconvenience caused to our journey. Another piece of travel advice would be to bring a flashlight with you in case of power shortage, especially during the night.

Goodbye Cuba. We had a wonderful time (even without wifi on the go and not being able to use our credit cards during the entire journey). We hope we can be back soon!

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