Day 3 in Madrid, Spain

Day 3 – Check-in at our Airbnb > shopping around Gran Via > Dinner at Tapa Tapa

We had a great time in Cuba but it felt so great to be back to civilization (internet on the go, able to use credit card and much much better food!). Our flight from Havana arrived in the late afternoon and we would be staying another 4 nights in Madrid before we headed back to Hong Kong. As hotels in prime location are quite expensive, we were staying at an airbnb near Gran Via.

My photos don’t really do this room justice. Comfortably situated in a prime location close to shops, restaurants and bars and modernly decorated, this airbnb was a steal. We loved the small pantry area even though we didn’t get the chance to make much use of it (except for tea and breakfast) but it really felt like a comfortable studio. It also comes with a washing machine which we were in desperate need to use, as after 9 days in Cuba we had started to run out of clean laundry! We paid around US$100 per night for this lovely accommodation. It is really great value for money. If we ever visit Madrid again, I wouldn’t mind staying at the same airbnb. (Did I mention that there is a great shopping strip just one block away from the studio?)

The shopping street close to our studio is called Calle de Fuencarral and I spent some good hours roaming around there.  Mentally mapping the location of each store as I made a plan to return over the next couple of days, I quickly did some stocking up of my make up goodies at Sephora, walked the massive Primark for more shopping. Rolling his eyes at first, Mr Map’s eyebrows and eyes widened when he saw the price tags of some T-shirts – relatively quite cheap than compared to Hong Kong, (I couldn’t believe Mr Map who spent a few months in London had no clue about Primark.) Armed with shopping bags brimming with various clothes and accessories, we suddenly realised our stomachs were in need of feeling – we were ready to get dinner.

We couldn’t help sticking our heads in Mcdonalds to see if there is any special local flavour, something we do every time we travel to a different country.

We walked to a nearby restaurant called Tapa Tapa for dinner. I went to the same restaurant chain in Barcelona in 2010 and I remember the food was really good there.

First thing first, I have to order my favourite Spanish dish patatas bravas. It was ok, I found it a bit plain. For some reason, I thought the patatas braves I had in Barcelona 8 years ago was better, though maybe my memory is a bit hazy, or associated with a time when I was much younger.


The dishes in general are quite good but it is a bit pricey. I think our total bill (including Sangria) was around Euro45 for 2.

Tapa Tapa

Tripadvisor ranking: #1,198 of 10,332 Restaurants in Madrid

Address: Calle Montera 47, 28013 Madrid, Spain


We headed back to our airbnb apartment soon after dinner to do laundry (imagine all the dirty laundry we had stuffed in our suitcase from our 9 days trip in Cuba). Like an army general, we already had our itinerary organised for the next day, and got a good nights rest in preparation for our trip to Toledo.

Have you been to Madrid? Where is your favourite spot in the city? If you enjoy reading my blog, feel free to like and comment below and to follow me on twitter @MinionTravel to get the latest update.

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