Day 6 in Varadero, Cuba

Day 6 – Half day tour to coral beach & Cueva de Saturno > Lunch at Buffet Restaurant > private beach at Hotel Ocean Vista Azul > Dinner at Boca Marina > night show

We started the day with the breakfast buffet at the hotel and waited in the lobby for the tour to pick us up. Our first stop is the coral beach and our tour includes all the equipment you need for snorkelling (fins & goggles). We stayed there for about 1 hour, though they are quite strict on how far away from the main group you can swim. There were quite a lot of fishes and the water was quite clear, and even from our photo, you can tell the water is a beautiful crystal blue. As for the varieties of the fishes, I think Hawaii is still on top of our list for the places that we’ve snorkelled (we haven’t been to Maldives yet). The snorkelling experience was ok, not particularly impressive for us.

After the snorkelling session, we were taken to Cueva de Saturno (entrance fee included in the tour) for a quick dip in the cave. The water was very clear and refreshing, though a bit cool for me! Inside it was a bit dark and there is a deep spot that people can dive into it. The pool inside the cave was quite small so we only stayed there for about 30mins and left. We were then taken back to our resort, just in time for the start of the lunch buffet!

I think it is still definitely worthwhile to take this snorkelling & cave visit day tour as we could do something different rather than staying inside the resort for the whole day. You can also rent the snorkel gears for free at the activities centre at Ocean Vista Azul and they have a yacht that will take you further away from the private beach for snorkelling. Mr Maps snorkelled for a bit around the beach the next morning, though spent most of his time admiring sand rather than fishes. We didn’t get on the yacht as we only found out about this service on our last day, which left us slightly disappointed.

The private beach is on the right hand side of the map (it is quite strange that the hotel didn’t put their own private beach on the map!). When you walk towards the red arrow on the map below, you will see the 3 grass huts below. There is a bar near the 3 grass huts where you can get some cold drinks before heading to the private beach!

The sign to the private beach and the activities centre is quite small.

We had a wonderful time on the private beach. The water was very clear and it wasn’t crowded at all (perhaps it was low season and some hotel guests might not know about this beach). We visited the private beach once again in the morning before our check out time the next day.

We followed yesterday’s dinner strategy and went to the a la carte restaurant early. The only open a la carte restaurant that day was Boca Marina (specialize in Caribbean dish). We already made plans that if the dinner wasn’t good we would go to the buffet restaurant for second dinner. Surprisingly, the dishes were a lot better than the dishes we had at Limocello the day before. We still went to the buffet restaurant afterwards for fresh mango and roasted pig even though we had a decent meal at Boca Marina.



We went for the night show again at night. This time it was the synchronised swimming performance. I like the acrobatic show from the night before more than this one, though Mr Map thought this was a lot more impressive. The resort definitely tries to keep hotel guests busy with all the entertainment programs and activities.

We have never been on a cruise before but I think the experience would be similar to this type of all inclusive resort. I am pretty sure the entertainment programs at the big cruise ship companies like Royal Caribbean will have higher standard. Given that we were in Cuba, we still had an enjoyable time at the resort. Just try not to have too high an expectation and try to compare it with the big cruise ship experience.

Staying at the resort for 2 nights was enough for us and it was a nice little break from the city trip or old town feel in the other cities we visited in Cuba. We enjoyed most of the facilities during our stay. I would only recommend to come to Varadero if you have more time in Cuba. Otherwise, it would be more worthwhile to visit Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad or Vinales. Leaving this resort meant we would need to carefully use our remaining cash for the rest of our stay in Cuba!

Have you been to Varadero in Cuba? Which resort did you stay at? If you enjoy reading my blog, feel free to follow me on twitter @MinionTravel to get the latest update.

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